10 July 2013

Crane Giamo's Lumen

Another Crane Giamo joint (co-publisher of Delete Press w/ Jared Schickling (and Brad Vogler?)) just out on his own Pocalypstic. This book is really incredible to behold in person: really fucking impeccably produced, highlighting Crane's penchant for streaks and explosions of color and palimpsests of image and text. Crane's printing straddles the divide between poetry chapbook and "print," so his books sometimes feel like autonomous serial broadsides bound together. More than most printers these days, Crane (along with folks like Aaron Cohick at Newlights) is really investigating what poetry books are through a constructivist process: building and layering (or inversely subtracting and deconstructing) one page at a time. Get everything you can from him as quickly as it's listed, as he prints in small runs, and his books are gone before you know it. And I've found that he sometimes doesn't list one-off broadsides and other ephemera at his website, so ask him what he has in the stacks...If you don't know Crane's work, and you're one of the few people who cares about the art of the small press and its essential role in pushing poetry composition further, you MUST start collecting these books...

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