11 July 2013

David Brazil's The Ordinary

To say that David Brazil's The Ordinary is "long in the making," or "highly anticipated," or "essential" is to do little justice to how important and rabidly anticipated this book really is. Brazil's presence in the Bay Area poetry scene is felt everywhere, and this book will further solidify his role as innovator and soothsayer. Which is why it's my great pleasure to announce that The Ordinary has arrived! There is no question that you need this book (really), and I can assure you that it will sell out faster than one might think. Make it happen NOW!

You can order your copy from Small Press Distribution,or you can order directly from me (which will likely be faster) here with FREE SHIPPING.

Learn more about David's work here, or read the blurb below for the short story:

David Brazil was born in New York and lives in California.  His publications include The Ordinary (Compline), The Book Called Spring (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs), Spy Wednesday (TAXT), Meet Me Beneath the War Angels (OMG!), Orphica (Lew Gallery), Aevum (Vigilance Society), Mass of the Phoenix : A Mina Loy Portal (Trafficker) and To Romans (Compline).  With Kevin Killian, he edited the Kenning Anthology of Poets Theater : 1945 - 1985.

Along with his partner Sara Larsen, David produced over sixty issues of the xerox periodical TRY!, featuring the work of dozens of contemporary writers.  Part of the editorial collective which produced the daily Oscar Grant Plaza Gazette during Occupy Oakland, he now works with the Bay Area Public School to promote free & radical education.  He makes his living as a bookseller.

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