25 July 2013

Songs of Surrender || pallaksch. pallaksch.

Two new Steven Seidenberg projects, both featuring his photographs of rusted surfaces on the covers. pallaksch. pallaksch. is a new journal co-edited with Elizabeth Robinson featuring new work by Bev Dahlen, Martin Corless Smith, Kimberly Lyons, Lew Ellingham, among others. You can read Steve's introduction to the journal here, and purchase a copy while you're at it...   

Songs of Surrender is a chapbook that materialized through a recent artist's residency in Germany. The press is called, I think, Gummi Geleibter Verlag, but you can also get one from Steven through his homepage.

Here's a sample:

Such as this
Panoptic trough
alloys with dusk
the blood mouth
of this teeming foss,
the sodden lips
choked open
to accomodate
the shine.
The sodden tongue
surrendered to
the carrion prayer
of leeched afflatus,
vultures of
parousia, such
as this, we sing-

Finally, I think Steven might have a show going up at Right Window sometime in the fall, so keep yr. eyes peeled...

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