16 July 2013

Romulan Soup Woman

This new Damn the Caesars (or I guess "Damn the Caesars Suspended") is a fucking nutso commentary on science fiction, poetry and labor called Romulan Soup Woman. I include some of the comics from the issue above to give you a sense of what you're working with! Editor Rich Owens calls it "passing remarks, communiques, lineated critiques, speculative commentaries and inter-ludic disquisitions on science fiction, the culture industry, thermonuklearen terrors and crustaceous justitia" featuring a ton of heads including Jo Crot, Benjamin Friedlander, Anne Boyer, Verity Spott, Joe Luna, Amiri Baraka, and tons of others. This is the kind of journal you've absolutely got to see for yourself; I couldn't begin to do it justice. Pick one up here.

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