14 September 2010

Eigner Celebration!

Stephen Ratcliffe and I under the "Join Us" banner

People from behind (starring Bob Grenier and Kit Robinson on the far left)

Taylor Brady looking dapper as always

Proof that Jonathan Skinner was in fact in town...

Me looking a bit tipsy despite the lack of alcoholic beverages

Katja looking less tipsy and generally more pleasant

What a wonderful evening Saturday night at the Unitarian Church for the Eigner Collected launch, even if I regularly find it hard to hear in the chapel. I came equipped with my second third volume (my first third volume was really a second second volume (I received I, II, II, and IV in the mail all cosily shrinkwrapped together)) to get a third third volume with the missing page intact. It was great to hear Bob and Stephen and Kit Robinson, and then suddenly Skinner showed up standing next to me in the bathroom (!). Larry's brother Richard Eigner read a beautiful eulogy along with a few poems, and Eigner's autobiographical material was suddenly available here upon returning home, which made my night!

And right before leaving for the event I finally digested Andrew Rippeon's stunning dissertation chapter on Eigner which I tried to talk about with anyone who would listen (hope to post excerpts here if Andrew's up for it).

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's Bob Grenier's essential "For Larry Eigner."

Thanks to Steve Dickison and the Poetry Center for hosting!


  1. Hi Michael,

    Yes, Richard Eigner's presentation Saturday night was great. And great too is the LE bio material at EPC, especially that part not previously available on-line or even in print (particularly the video-conference transcript).

    However, I'm not sure what you mean when you write that the material on EPC was "suddenly available" late Saturday night. EPC posted the stuff early last week, or even the previous week, and it was the lead-link in Silliman's link-o-rama on Tuesday, September 7th. I found it that day, in that way, and so was able to, and did, link to it in my early Saturday afternoon blog post on Eigner.

  2. Hey Steven:

    I only meant that suddenly, THERE IT WAS. That it revealed itself to me. Like, Eigner, Eigner, Eigner, and THEN, whoa, perfect timing, more Eigner! Know what I mean...?