09 September 2010

Notebook Fridays (A Day Early in Four Parts)

This week's Notebook Friday starts on Thursday and appears in four movements (wrap your mind around that!). More to follow next week...

It's my honor to present new poems by the inestimable, incomparable Alli Warren. And needless to say, they're really, really good...

Part the First:


that we would have been visible from the air
that we would have acted
     as such
that we would return
having been forced
to have been grazing
that we were springs
and by some spell spurring
banks & batons
what we could have been growing
that we would have been greeting
     and pillars
and by some spell spurring
soft-bodied welling
that we could equate
with what we confiscate
had we been
great channels flowing
visible from the air
     and running tides
& concrete lapping & steel girders
that we have been buried
in the teeth of the soft-bodied
welling we had been lapping
the salt of fracturing
that we would be wrenching
     and never rest
and carry and turning
and teeth again and brooks
     that blood
reeking at the port entry

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