28 September 2010

Myung Mi Kim Weekend

Myung Mi Kim swept through the Bay Area this weekend, leaving gaping maws and blown minds in her wake. Saturday evening she performed a super focused reading that completely devastated the Meridian Gallery; starting with a swatch of new poems from a manuscript-in-process called Civil Bound, she moved through Dura, Commons, and Penury only to return to the poems with which she began, reheasrsing a single trajectory while tuning the room to her project in toto.

Sunday afternoon we reconvened at Nicole Hollis Studios for the Nonsite Collective conversation, a super, super interesting open discussion about Myung's project, set to a soundtrack of raunchy synths and the incessant pounding of bass thanks to the Folsom Street Fair.

Here're are some pics from the long weekend:

Myung drinking martinis and eating fries rather than enjoying a balanced meal.

The backs of heads at the Meridian Gallery

Elise Ficarra & Wilda

Erin Morrill & Erika Staiti

Myung smiling

The crowd listening attentively; Jocelyn Saidenberg hiding

Myung gesturing

David Brazil, Sara Larsen, Tanya Hollis, Chris Nagler

More Myung

Anne Lesley Selcer & Chris Nagler

SLRSN & Erin

Steve Dickison & Aaron Shurin

Hugo Garcia Manriquez

Wendy Kramer & Tanya Hollis

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