24 September 2010

Notebook Fridays: Myung Mi Kim

In anticipation of Myung Mi Kim's visit this weekend, I'm doubling up on Notebook Fridays (see Alli Warren's final contribution below). The following poems from Myung's work-in-progress Civil Bound were recently printed in Hambone, but they count as notebook poems because they are still literally in-manuscript, probably being revised as I post this! Don't forget to join us tomorrow (Saturday, 9/25) for Myung's reading for the Poetry Center (Meridian Gallery, 535 Powell St., 7:30 PM) and Sunday (9/26) for a conversation around her work for Nonsite (Nicole Hollis Studios, 935 Natoma, 2:00 PM). The picture above was taken at my dissertation-defense-celebration-dinner back in February, where Myung convinced a waiter who was once a student of Robert Duncan (!) to make me a special vegetarian meal at a steak house! That's how persuasive she can be...!

Here are a few pages from Civil Bound:


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