25 January 2011

Bellamy and Brady at the Condensery

Thanks to The Condensery for last Saturday's inspired pairing of Dodie Bellamy and Taylor Brady. As always, this reading series feels simultaneously intimate and somehow super urgent in that the audience is packed in this warm and comfortable and very inviting space but the work feels so desperately important and kind of breathless. How did the East Bay survive before Jackqueline and Zack came along?

Anyway, Dodie and Taylor are consummate professionals, so both brought their A-games (for real!). And because I tend to need a bit of time to process a reading of this magnitude, I asked Dodie and Taylor if I could post portions of their work after the fact to help everything sink in a bit.

Here's a segment from Dodie's "Rascal Guru" text:


And here's a small portion of Taylor's way anticipated new book In The Red called "On the House" (for Rob Halpern):


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