28 January 2011


Friday, January 28:
  • Feel Your Media—Bitch by Rodrigo Toscano/Collapsible Poetics Theater and directed by David Brazil and Sara Larsen
  • Draft 101: A Puppet Opera by Rachel Blau DuPlessis and directed by Lara Durback
  • I CAN SEE YOU BUT I KNOW YOU’RE THERE written and directed by Tom Comitta
  • Tell Only One written and directed by Corina Copp
  • If You Want To See Flying Go To The Circus written and directed by Brent Cunningham

Tomorrow Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, January 29:
  • Ascidian Play written by Laynie Browne and directed by Erin Morrill
  • The Photographer Without a Camera written and directed by Ariel Goldberg
  • Ambergris Desktop Vocalist written and directed by Christine Choi and Drew Fernando
  • Lycanthropes written and directed by C.S. Giscombe
  • I Confess! written and directed by David Brazil and Evan Kennedy
Why go to Poet's Theatre you ask? Well, sure, it's always super fun and unpredictable, and everyone comes out of the woodwork (even those folks who come out to, like, one event a year)...But the real reason is it's Small Press Traffic's major annual fundraiser, and it helps to support a very full and very awesome calendar of events for the rest of the season. Please come out to show your love for SPT and help support one of the Bay Area's crucial poetry resources...

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