04 January 2011

Favorite Things: Samantha Giles

favorite moments of readings and other events in 2010

the encore by CA Conrad at David Buuck’s house

the “this is awful” moment during the performance of “Killing Kanoko” by Hiromi Ito and Kanoko Ito at Mills College/SPT

the brief convergence of Jules Boykoff , David Buuck and Sasha Spahr dancing at Sally Silvers performance at 21 Grand

the Brent Cunningham face down looking into a hole at Poets Theater 2010 at SPT

the “every five years or so I try to finish a cabinet” exhibition text at Mark Manders Parallel Occurences/Documented Assignments show, Armand Hammer Museum

the image reading of Ariel Goldberg’s participation at TRY! benefit at 21 Grand

the post-performance artist talk by Jonas Brash, age 6 and Eve Hagheghi, age 4, at the Morrison-Hagheghi house San Francisco

the boxing arm motion/singing of Erica Hunt at SPT

the water-bowl heads are finally in place section during performance of Ok Go! at the Makers’ Faire

pretty much every text I got from Brian Whitener and Juliana Spahr

the three minutes of Yedda Morrison’s Theater of Plants performance at Poets Theater 2010 at SPT

the Deerhoof show before the Yoko Ono show at Fox Oakland

the cranking of the indoor mill at the Madonna Inn

the “so what do you think change is?” 10 year old boy performance artist at the Tino Sehgal exhibit at the Guggenheim

the powerhouse strength and tenacity of Leslie Scalapino reading at SPT and UC books

the deep inhalation of Rachel Zolf at Condensery Reading Series

the super cheesy 80s laser light pre-show at the El Capitan viewing of Tron Legacy

the pussy reading by Eileen Myles at Mills College

the sound of icebergs in the Effulgence of the North exhibit at the Velaslavasay

the getting the introductions written by CA Conrad for SPT readings moment over email

the hand gesture to the face during Cedar Sigo’s presentation at Labor Day event

the sounds of birds generated by Fiona Templeton at Fiona Templeton’s performance at SPT

the helium infused parental anecdote moment at my 40th birthday party

the slow movement of hand to mouth at the Sankai Juku performance at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

the whole room getting married at Stephanie Young and Clive Worsley’s wedding

the anticipation of the eventual removal of Guillermo Gomez-Pena’s jacket at Mills College

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