04 January 2011

Dr. Michael Cross: Rogue physicist/daemon hunter

Name: Michael Cross
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Profession: Rogue physicist/daemon hunter

Description: Michael Cross is a light skinned with a goatee & mustash, glasses, black hair, and scars across his left eye and the left side of his lips. Other than those, his body is covered in unnumerable amounts of scars. The skin died in a small part of his left shoulder blade, showing an ingraving of the lambda symbol. His body is filled with metal parts from previous accidents, but still, he shows no fear. Looking into his eyes will show you, he has the sight beyond sight. To see what is, what has been and what will come. A cross hangs from his left ear, and a lit cigerette is usually in his lips.

Michael Cross suddenly appeared in this world, only a few years ago. He was not born here, however. He was working as an experimental physicist when a war broke out. One man began to influence other countries and began to supress his worlds population. In a last choice launch of his life's work, soldiers broke in, resulting in malfunction. This malfunction sent Dr. Cross, along with everthing touching him, collapsing to the empty streets. His first run in was with a vampire. He soon learned to use his theories to hunt daemons. This has now become his life.

Dr. Cross is just a physicist. Most never hear his voice. He rarely speaks, but when he does, it's deep. He wears black jeans, a white undershirt, and a black swat jacket. His hair's to his neck, straight, black, and combed out of his eyes. His body is mixed with metal, with almost no part completely flesh and bone, nor metal. To keep his body working togeather with the metal, he made something using his knowledge of particle physics. It allowed his body to become bio-metal.

As to his stance,
His world was ravaged by a warlord. He created a resistance. He doesn't fight for, nor believe in a 'god-like' entity. Everything has it's own force and reason. He is neither a hero, nor a villian. He's a man that believes in freedom of choice, and those he cares for. Even if they never see it. He fights for them, and good or bad, he just... "is".

Fell into this time/demension with a gravity nutralizer (the ability to make people/objects/entities/animals lose gravitational pull), a hand gun, an engraved knife (runes engraved with different molecular fields), and a HEV suit (Hazordous Environment suit).

A role playing character by Karsis

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