18 May 2011

Albon on Albion

There are few things in this world more exciting (at least to me!) than a favorite poet releasing a new chapbook on a favorite press. Just received this in the mail: George Albon's "Ryman Room" on Brian Teare's impeccable Albion Books. Teare printed the cover blind on white stock, so it's almost impossible to get the scanner to pick up the nuance. But you can see a couple of good shots here.

I shouldn't have to convince folks paying attention that this is totally essential, but I wanted to leave two little hints as to why:

"I was thinking about the word absolute and I was trying to get at the meaning of it. It had to do with painting also." Robert Ryman

"I will jump from the not-gap I'm on to the not-gap I want. It bends from a little wait, then forms to sudden. The way will be found by finger and wrist, the curds already traced in the window." George Albon

Click the image below for samples:


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