02 May 2011

Heidelberg Comes Home!

What these pictures don't show is the triumphant (and anxiety-producing) moment between the last two photos (that is, the press leaving the forklift at the bottom of the drive to rest snuggly in the garage!), and for good reason: once we realized the forklift couldn't make it up the driveway with the press in tow, we put the press on a hydraulic lift, attached two 8' 4x6's to the forklift, and PUSHED the press up the driveway with the forklift by pushing the forklift up the driveway with a flatbed truck! So here's the order of operations: truck pushing forklift pushing 4x6's pushing hydraulic jack pushing Heidelberg up the driveway with me at the top trying in vain to steer the jack (which is why I couldn't take a picture!). It's a travesty that this image survives only in my mind, because it was pretty epic!


  1. what a beast; a post-apocalyptic future-primitive (to print tomorrow's border passes & ration cards). looks too like the concrete floor's cracked under the weight.


    yeah, awed & humbled ... rich ...

  2. Amazing, Michael—the print shop awakens—congrats.