26 May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Madness!

If you're in or around the Bay Area this weekend, there are a few crucial events you won't want to miss! On Friday, Small Press Traffic presents the Inaugural Leslie Scalapino Memorial Lecture in Innovative Poetics, featuring poet/critic Joan Retallack. I'm printing a very complicated broadside to commemorate the occasion, and Joan's talk, "Poetry's Alterity," promises to be brilliant. Click the poster below for details:

AND THEN, Saturday night visiting poets CJ Martin and Julia Drescher join John Sakkis for what promises to be another essential Condensery reading. I've just finished printing Chris's first TWO books in one volume (fittingly titled Two Books), and we'll be launching the book at this event. Here's the info:

on Saturday May 28th

Doors at 7:30, reading will begin promptly at 8
Condensery takes place at:
604 56th at Shattuck
in Oakland
The reading is free.
Some wine and snacks will be served.
BYOB as always.
Street parking / porch for bikes.

And then something's happening on Sunday that I can't remember (anyone?), and then on Monday some of us are meeting to discuss Tiqqun's Theory of the Young Girl (email if you're interested!).

The weather promises to be beautiful, Lee Azus and Rob Halpern are back in town (yay!), and Chris and Julia are staying until Monday (I think...). I'm launching two seperate print projects, and I'll hopefully be done grading by then! Bring on the summer!


  1. Sunday Mathew Timmons is "talking" at Brian Ang's hosue...

    also it's my cousin Julia's birthday.


  2. Oh right, thanks John! That's the other thing...Matthew Timmons at Brian Ang's house...