05 May 2011

More WITH+STAND & Launch Party!

More highlights from Dan Thomas-Glass's essential insurgent dispatch, WITH+STAND! Before I dive in to the wealth of interesting material, I wanted to mention that the launch party is scheduled for Friday, May 13th at Zughaus Gallery (1306 3rd St., Berkeley // 7-11 pm), so mark your calendars! The line-up's pretty stellar, to say the very least: Jackqueline Frost, Barbara Claire Freeman, Lauren Levin, Meg Day, Monica Peck, Kristin Palm, Lara Durback, Erica Lewis, Brian Ang, Dan Thomas-Glass, Jennifer Karmin, Erin Wilson, and others. Don't miss...

As to highlights, check out this fantastic piece from Suzanne Stein:

December 28, 2010
Mike Hauser

Hi Mike,

• anxiety
• avoidant behavior (procrastination)
• food obsession (repressed/suppressed)
• body obsession (foregrounded)
• knowledge/information obsession and rejection (reject the real means of satisfying the need, the desire—often by procrastination)
• worry about sexuality/orientation and desire (surface level, a borrowed concern, mother's, belief in it as the mother's)
• worry about cleanliness, bodily and environmental, avoid solving the problem but continue to carry concern about it, then obsessive attention/energy attached to it
• hatred of others, outweighing feelings of love/affection
• mistrust of others, outweighing feelings of acceptance/affection
• fantasy lovers, attached to real people
• superiority complex (often masquerading as inferiority complex)
• social anxiety—repetitive thoughts of inadequacy in social interactions
• abjection or barely conscious (coming to consciousness) abject behavior—partly manifest in caveating, forms of apologizing (for self, for existence)
• obsession with other women's bodies, making comparisons
• incessant grooming behavior, excessive obsession with grooming compulsions, like face-picking, nose-picking
• combined with some forms of body avoidance: ignoring/overlooking/blindness
• hatred of/critical internal dialogue about/ body, face, hair, nails, breasts—worse as growing older, but occasionally better, marked by acceptance
• attachment to unavailable ('dead') objects
• hypochondria
• anxiety attacks, often attached to hypochondriac fantasies, especially related to fear of poisoning, fear of allergic reactions, that is, fear of having ingested (taken in) something that will kill me
• superstitious behaviors
• talismans, touchstones, rituals
• the feeling that the rituals are halfheartedly or improperly undertaken
• the feeling that almost all things are improperly undertaken/poorly performed
• inability to objectively judge (my own production/issue)
• pride in shit
• exhibitionism, mild, moderate to severe, sometimes repressed awareness of
• displacement of thoughts towards fantasy others
• worry about being seen/assumption of being seen (belief in god, belief in
omniscient others)
• compulsive/impulsive spending
• forgetting to 'take care of business'—pay bills, manage life details
• guilt

• belief in the sublime
• magical thinking
• love of enchantment
• shame, especially attached to lack of knowledge


Andrew Rippeon's short stanzas from FLIGHTS are characteristically careful and compelling, but I was particularly moved by the following (printed in the journal on separate pages):

the hill I am of
ashes hence my father’s
son I am no song my
father’s name adrift a boat
upon waters the color of
the moon…

if ocean’s edge a
falls remembered sound of
pebbles’ wash the portes open
the gates from the hinges
empty terror houses rent
up and burnt


Brian Ang's piece for Taylor Brady is appropriately relentless! Here's a little taste:

Ghostlike name passing on night ground
dizzy division pleasure can’t remember
gradient of change in multitude of time
like a tower plaited with difference
falling forever one memory abandons

Parsed beginnings one and one is one
injunction that burns the dispersion

Constellation on fire already historical
displaced interior shaped like a sentence
one awakend ány nowhere known some
assembled power loved back beauty

I really loved the following piece from Vancouver's Stephen Collis (who I had the pleasure of reading with in Buffalo way back in 2003?). Reprinted here in full:


It’s simple to effect
the light just stand
between this page and
the sun or turn

scientist and calculate the
years until we go
supernova the firey ball
expanding to curl our

planet like paper in
the fire after all
you say how long
can we expect to

simply hang around doing
nothing much at all
stocks going up and
down sites endlessly surfed

all the while I’d
been imagining there was
some hidden switch or
lever tucked away someplace

we could perhaps having
looked long and hard
find and simply throw
into the “off” position

then we could sit
back and watch the
world go back to
(or maybe ahead to)

what it could be
swallow throats and gulfs
if we weren’t so
hell-bent on killing ourselves

What do you call
this you ask I
say change we can
effect change we can

make you say I
should get out of
your light the sun
now warming the page

And just to nail the point home (that is, that you need this issue!), here's a final word from Lara Durback: some prose blocks from her piece "Hoarders, And Those Resembling Hoarders":

-We are diviners. When I think so much about this show called Hoarders, it will eventually (no, rather quickly) cause my mother to come around with a bin of my things. It is a plastic bin so big that two of me could fit in there. It is a double coffin and a time capsule. I dig through rave flyers one by one on my aunt's couch and think about how my life was saved. I puzzle over the gloves and sweaters I thought I would never need in Northern California. I touch individually each one of Grandma's crocheted Barbie dresses. Her hands must have moved so often.

-I saw the woman on the show Hoarders sit down in the chair, unable to deal with her accumulation of dolls. The host person, a psychologist or professional organizer, or whoever was there that day, dives into the room of dolls like it is a pit of foam. I want to do that thing.

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