19 May 2011

A Reading: Birds

This impeccably produced new chapbook by Beverly Dahlen inaugurates Little Red Leaves "textile series": chapbooks "lovingly sewn using recycled curtains and other textile remnants." I can't get over how beautifully constructed these books are, and because we're rarely treated to new work by Dahlen it feels like a real event. I'm told this chapbook is already sold out, but there's a second edition on the horizon, so keep yr. eyes peeled!

Here's Beverly:

"The greater white-fronted goose in that fair field, geese,
more than a thousand in the flock moaning, a kind of low
hum, singing the blues. The spectacle of the birds, how we
go out to see them now, provide for them, shelters, refuges,
how we've beggared them and set them aside amid the low-
lands of the valley, the trucks roaring night and day over I5,
San Diego to Sacramento, ripping up the countryside.

Sacramento to Redding to the Oregon Border:

above Keeping Still, Mountain
below The Abysmal, Water

the very place, we say, tearing at the air."

There's so much going on over at Little Red Leaves it's often difficult to keep up: Here you'll find information about the "Textile Series," here's the magazine (issue #6 is on the way? all ephemeral publications? and E-BOOKS too!) and here's the blog (which seems to be the main news outlet?).


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  1. Thanks for mentioning the textile series. The second printing of Dahlen's book was just posted today! http://www.textileseries.com