14 July 2011

The Animal

Sarah Rosenthal and visual artist Amy Fung-yi Lee collaborated on this incredible book object for the Dusie Kollectiv, published in a modest edition back in February. The Animal folds out in all kinds of directions and features a handful of Rosenthal bangers framed by Fung-yi Lee's images. Here are two of my favorites: 


elicits giggles.
Takes place
whatever is thought.

Dead animal on street,
blood on tires.

Animal arm I bit,
nuzzled. Some
have arms
some bear them
procreate etc.

Higher order dreams.
Even aliens are handed
animals. Wear
them, complaining.

Whimper, muscle,
elegy animal.

Thinking break forms. Scribbles found
in code manual.

Animals must remember
eye exercises
back stretches.

A sad lot. Meant
to say sand.
Picking nits, some say.
Give examples say others.

When locations are wrong
they shut down.


Some go on dates,
eat them, cross
them out etc.

In vehicles they
listen to lectures
reducing sense
pleasures. Enough
is enough is

Segments of time
are renewed like

Risk is paid for,
signed off

Schools inhabit
the great barrier.
It clouds


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