13 July 2011

Charles Olson // "On History"

"I mean, I think the 'completeness' is completed. And the completeness that we really are opening up here is the only thing which matters, which is that you damn well have something to say and/or do that is of such effect that it is complete in its occurrence, and it just bombs—to use the verb the way we use it—it bombs the thing right then and there, and frees it for any person that isn't yet themselves complete."


"There is this angel who's coming towards you as you are coming towards him. And there's a moment when you pass through your angel and become the creature, not of the two, but of the fact that you are without any chance involved with another figure who is you, who is coming towards you in time as you proceed forward in time. And at the moment that you pass, you then are something that that angel was, and you're no longer that thing that you were."

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