20 July 2011

News From Displaced Press

Our friends at Displaced Press are making BIG MOVES this season, printing five new books over the next few months, all of them absolutely essential: Samantha Giles' first long-player, hurdis addo, and Brandon Brown's translation of The Persians are supposedly already out (though I've yet to see them), and the reissue of Taylor Brady and Rob Halpern's Snow Sensitive Skin (originally published by my Atticus/Finch) is due to arrive any day. Shortly thereafter we expect to see first books from Suzanne Stein and Thom Donovan. Here's a note from editor Brian Whitener about the impending blitz:

"Displaced Press would like to announce the publication of Samantha Giles’ first book, hurdis addo. As many of you know, Samantha is currently the Executive Director of Small Press Traffic and is a long-time resident of the East Bay.

In hurdis addo, Giles confronts head on the question of “what is to be done?” through a brilliant mediation on urban space and our place(s) within it. “Start with a circle or something like it. Fear maybe. Circle as a symbol for the whole.” Through a shifting, multi-layered account structured around the 148 murders that occurred in Oakland in 2006, Giles takes us deep into the core of a set of urban contradictions and the subjectivities produced by them and begins the necessary work of asking where we might start to find a somewhere else. “A gall is a symbol. A tricky agreement with allegory. The gall operates as a symbol to the plant. Is this text a plant or a gall?”

Please join us in congratulating Samantha on this amazing work!

You can purchase hurdis addo directly from SPD here.

As well, we would like to take this opportunity to extend a very special offer. For the very low price of $50 USD (shipping included) Displaced will send you hurdis addo and our 4 forthcoming titles: Snow Sensitive Skin by Taylor Brady and Rob Halpern (an expanded edition of the original chapbook published by Atticus/Finch), Tout Va Bien by Suzanne Stein, The Persians by Aeschylus by Brandon Brown, and The Hole by Thom Donovan. You can paypal us at iwaslike@hotmail.com. Your books will ship as one package (with some special surprises of course!) once all the titles are printed (mid-October-ish).

And as always, please feel free to join us on FB here."

Support the crucial work of Displaced Press by taking advantage of this amazing deal!

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  1. So so crucial, the precise word for it. $50 is a steal!