26 July 2011

The Return of Both Both

I was pleased to learn that John Sakkis's venerable local rag Both Both is up and running and back in action, now featuring the super-clean design chops of local wunderkind Andrew Kenower. Sakkis's editorial vision is worth your attention: here you'll find large swathes of work, read front-to-back or back-to-front, featuring chaplet length selections from just two authors. In one direction we're treated to 10 hefty prose blocks from Evan Kennedy's "The Dandy Xth" and in the other "Some Notes and Some Poems" from Allyssa Wolf. My single favorite page (reproduced above) is culled from Wolf's "Owl's Bible," though it's not especially clear whether this is a snippet from a larger design (or deeper breath?) called "Owl's Bible," or a discrete-unit-among-others collected under the title "Owl's Bible" (click above to get a closer look). Either way, it stands alone, no doubt. "Assemble all the flowers of grease," indeed!

I'm not sure how Sakkis distributes these, but I'm pretty certain you can obtain one if you stop by SPD, or cruise by his blog, or send him an email. Oh, and this issue features classic skateboarding paraphernalia on the cover, detritus from our shared Easy Bay childhoods! Do it... 


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  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the write up. Feels good to be back. And yeah, if any of your readers would like a free copy (they're always free) they can reach me at john.sakkis@gmail.com, I'd be more than happy to ship em' out.