04 July 2011

Kyle Schlesinger's "Business Casual"

I'm reading Jacques Le Goff's study of the history of usury, Your Money or Your Life: Economy and Religion in the Middle Ages, on a day when many wage labors have a break from working off their debt. As I'm currently studying Latin with a handful of poets/laborers, I was delighted to find the following citation in the first few pages: "nummus vincit, nummus regnat, nummus imperat" (Money conquers, money reigns, money is sovereign!). Word is bond.

Anyway, I was thinking about labor and debt when I came across this little poem by Kyle Schlesinger, "Business Casual," which I've been meaning to post since February. This little number was "manufactured" in an edition of 50 by No Press in Canada (published by Derek Beaulieu, I think?). Enjoy your day off (if you get a day off!) and do something without "value": read a poem! Here's Kyle:

Everyone stands around
Asking which way they
Went was the car black
or brown was the top

Up or down afternoon
Aglow twilight returns
With a twist what goes
Around I know a Judy

Mechanical arm reaches
For the cigarette
Machine clearing the
Room so what's love

Got to do with it
What's a euphemism
For forever GOP or
Get off the pot

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