31 December 2011

Favorite Things 2011: Susan Gevirtz

Impasse of the Angels, S Pandolfo

Mycelium Running, P. Stamatz

Time Travels: Feminism, Nature, Power, E. Grosz

, M. Cross (seriously)

, C.J. Martin (also seriously -even if it wasn't you asking)

Rude Girl
, John Sakkis

The Horse, The Wheel and Language
, D. Anthony

The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis

Alone with the Alone, H. Corbin

Cities of Salt, A Munif

UNSOUND, Jennifer Martenson

Animals In Translation, Temple Grandin

ΚΙΒΟΤΟΣ THE ARK, Old Seeds For New Cultures, (Catalog) 12th International Architectural Exhibition La Biennale Venezia 2010. Commissioners- Curators: Phoebe Giannisi (poet and architect) & Zissis Kotionis; catalog text by poet Katerina Illiopoulou

Dwell magazine, issue on Prefab

and I'm sure I'm forgetting extremely important things that will occur to me as soon as I hit send

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