26 December 2011

Favorite Things 2011: Tyrone Williams

Much of what I read is not "new"ditto for music, so here are the things still rattling around in my head...

Noah Eli Gordon, The Source
Eleni Stecopoulos, Armies of Compassion
Lorenzo Thomas, Don't Deny My Name
M. NourbeSe Phillip, Zong!
Kazim Ali, Bright Felon

sous les paves

and the retro music of The Carolina Chocolate Drops, the neo-Motown of Nikki Jean, and the stark pop of Eliza Rickman

Next year: looking forward to reading your book (!) and new work from Evie Shockley, Thom Donovan, Judith Goldman and Rob Halpern.

1 comment:

  1. Great list--!

    Just got yr c.c. for the holiday. Excited. So, add that to the list!