25 December 2011

Favorite Things 2011: Michael Cross

Kyle Schlesinger: What You Will (Newlights Press)
Brenda Iijima: Glossamatics, Thus (Least Weasel)
David Brazil: Economy (Little Red Leaves) and Orphica (Auguste Press)
Jamie Townsend: Matryoshka (Little Red Leaves) and Strap/Halo (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs)
Lauren Levin: Keenan (Lame House)
Brian Whitener: False Intimacy (Trafficker)
Taylor Brady: For I Know Not What I Did Last Summer (Trafficker)
Sara Larsen: A,a,a,a,a (Berkeley Neobaroque)
Frances Kruk: Down You Go or Negation de Bruit (Punch Press)

Camille Roy: Sherwood Forest (Futurepoem)
Kathleen Fraser: movable TYYPE (Nightboat Books)
Thom Donovan: The Hole (Displaced Press)
Judith Goldman: l.b.; or, catenaries (Krupskaya)
Samantha Giles: Hurdis Addo (Displaced Press)
C.J. Martin: Two Books (Compline)
Alastair Johnston: Hanging Quotes: Talking Book Arts, Typography & Poetry (Cuneiform Press)
Taylor Brady & Rob Halpern: Snow Sensitive Skin (Displaced Press)
Leslie Scalapino: How Phenomena Appear to Unfold (Litmus Press)

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Sous Les Paves
With + Stand
Both Both
Yellow Field
Rag Tag

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