30 December 2010

Favorite Things: Alli Warren

THE YEAR IN DREAMS as told to Gmail

We were walking down an open wooded street. Your mom seemed to be vacuuming in a room. Your hair was chocolate brown, you had dark blue jeans on. We sat on the floor. I felt like a shadow. I was bodiless. I was moving in with [redacted] and [redacted] into a 2 bedroom apt. and we were discussing sleeping arrangements. There was some list telling people what time they could leave their houses depending on reading order. I ordered a venison sausage with fried sunchokes and oven roasted jalapenos. I found out that Abigail Child was your mom and I was like 'why didn't you tell me??' You kissed [redacted] on the mouth right in front of me like it was a fake consolation cause something was bumming him out but then it was secretly v. intimate. On the back of my foot, the sole, another toe was growing. I was in Kentucky and there was something about the "tucky" part that fell off. I was eating with my hand and someone scolded me she sneered and said that was very unlady-like. I think I was screaming sniveling rat faced git. You broke up with me and pretended you didn’t know me. You made an appearance as a banker with power hair. You were wearing a navy suit & drinking scotch. Hanging on for dear life off a ship screaming at some lady who forced you over the edge. Still loving her, still calling her "dollface". Her heart was an egg, it was a yolk, she was surrounded by a pool of yellow which was I guess her blood. You fell into a crack / in the pull out / couch you never came back. Terrorists car-bombed AT&T park and you and I went there and slept overnight and got trapped. I kissed Vladimir Putin. You were fucking [redacted] and I was VERY mean to you! There was this huge earthquake. I was in a house with blue walls moving from doorjamb to doorjamb. When I asked my mom about the earthquake she said it was a 99.3 and I said that's impossible and she said, it's true, 99.3, but it’s mixed with something else. A frightening blue snake, snapping its fangs at me. A militia takeover early this morning, in which I was beaten by self-appointed gunmen. We were on a date and they were acting very strangely at an ATM, like maybe trying to kill me. But then we went outside in Canada and it was dark even though it was 2pm and there was some kind of fair and we wound up in a corner kissing a beard. You quit. I could not control my vehicle and the brakes went out and I crashed into various structures (a building, a tree). That one about the patch of hair on my chest. I got to hug Morrissey. Sitting across the table from Nina, talking, looking at her beautiful face, touching her leg. I think, also, I was in Spain. Your favorite singer sang surrounded by several other men lined up and standing around near a kind of wooden plank fence, near a field. The LIFE LONG DREAM COME TRUE series. I think you were the gentle lion I dreamed about. [Redacted] flew me to Davis in an airplane. I had stolen a millionaire's credit card and you and I were going out eating and drinking amazingly expensive things but then I had second thoughts and we were just going to buy one more huge bottle of champagne and then throw away the card. I was fucking you but had trouble with my socks. A delicious roast chicken for $3. You kissed me very sweetly on my head. Living with my sisters who then became other women. I have this dream of spending two weeks up there.

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