30 December 2010

Favorite Things: David Buuck

Hey Michael

I can't honestly recall anything I've read more than 6 months ago, tho I do recall stuff I saw - and the internet archives the details. So, in no particular order....

Dambudzo Marechera, Black Sunlight, Penguin, 1980/2010 (reissue)
Lesego Rampolokeng, Whiteheart: prologue to hysteria, Deep South, South Africa, 2005
Tan Lin, Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004, The Joy of Cooking, Wesleyan, 2010 (and the numerous "Appendices" & remixes edited by Danny Snelson & Edit Publications)
Eileen Myles, Inferno, OR Books, 2010
Karen Tei Yamashita, I-Hotel, Coffee House, 2010
Jeff Derksen, Annihilated Time: Poetry and other politics, Talonbooks, 2009
Kaia Sand, Remember to Wave, Tinfish, 2009
Fred Moten, B Jenkins, Duke, 2010
Steve Farmer, Glowball, theenk, 2010
Miguel Gutierrez, When You Rise Up: Performance Texts, 53rd State, 2009.

Lara Durback, Zine Chapbook, self-pub, 2010
Emily Critchley, When I Say I Believe Women..., Bad Press, London, 2007
Reg Johanson, escratches, Left Hand Press, Vancouver, 2010

Ronaldo Wilson @ SPT
Hiromi Ito @ Mills
CA Conrad's astral projection, SPT Poets Theater
Charming Hostess performing "Sarajevo Blues" @ SPT
Ishmael Houston-Jones @ PS122
Yvonne Rainer's master class & talk @ Mills
Ralph Lemon @ Yerba Buena Center
David Wolach's nonsite seminar & reading @ the Compound
Leslie Scalapino & Konrad Steiner @ UC Books

Francis Alÿs @ Tate Modern
Marina Abramovic @ MOMA
William PopeL @ Mitchell-Innes & Nash, NYC
Mika Rottenberg @ SFMOMA
Pablo Guardiola @ Galeria de la Raza
Ahmet Ögüt @ Berkeley Art Museum
One Day: a collective narrative of Tehran, curated by Taraneh Hemami & Ghazaleh Hedayat, @ Intersection for the Arts
Trisha Brown @ Mills Art Museum
Pipilotti Rist @ Fundacio Joan Miro

And - new at Ubuweb:
Djibril Diop Mambéty, "Contras City"
Forough Farrokhzad, "The House is Black"
Delia Derbyshire, "Dreams"
Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn videos
Zoe Beloff, The Dream Films
Stan Douglas, "Television Spots/Monodramas"
Ryan Trecartin videos
Eric Baudelaire, "Sugar Water" (b/w Tan Lin's essay at http://www.elizabethdeegallery.com/files/press/AG360%20RR%20pp008_027_Lin.pdf )

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  1. Reg Johanson's escratches - nice call! all beautiful titles, i feel like raiding yr shelves. and so i shall... give me a couple months. also, if there is one observation you--or anyone else--can make about the abramovic show, i'd love to hear it. (danto, whose criticism is often far too... well, anyway, his writeup about it i felt quite good, brooklyn rail i believe? if not the nation as one would guess..). hello michael from detroit, solidaridad, dw