27 December 2010

Robert Kocik || Offering Up the Body as Food (Notes)

Happy holidays, friends! I'll continue posting year-end favorites here in the not-so-distant-future, but wanted to respond to Robert Kocik's super generative visit last Wednesday before I forget what my notes mean. Some 25-30 people stuffed into Jocelyn Saidenberg's living room (thxs J.!); Pony stretched out on the floor and barked when Robert and Daria performed bits from the Phoneme Choir...Robert carefully rehearsed his particular model of meaning-making, and gave us a ton to think about in the meantime...    

-Kocik hopes to make present how the discursive affects the body, the spine, organs over the course of the evening
-The discursive compresses, closes down
-Hopes to use "amulets" (short critical-creative paragraphs) to protect from the discursive (being critical in a morbid sense)
-Chod (Tibetan tradition): cutting through the ego // nurturing the negative
-Can the commons work alongside ego fixation? (Kocik's answer is "no")
-Instead: "I would like the commons to be money"
-Participation is fantasy // communication is not communication: freedom of speech is to say something w/o obligation to respond
-We are a bunch of people "communicating" w/o talking
-Can we write something that protects?
-Just giving away money is the right plan
-The wording of response is the work of poets: poets can recover language; create amulets...
-The work of poets is to make English non-duplicitous
-Commons: conditions of material equity
-Nobody has time: that's part of the plan!
-Somatics as activism: you must follow through and position yourself
-Law fell from the jurisdiction of poets b/c no one understood what they were saying!
-To educate banks might be one job for poets
-To reinvent a way to meet: time makes it difficult to organize
-Kocik: "Reinventing how we meet is what the common gave me"
-How to share?
-Differentiation is terminal

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