14 December 2010

Rob Halpern on George Oppen

It comes as no surprise that Rob's Oppen Lecture last Saturday was pretty epic; folks arrived with super high expectations, and (by all accounts) Rob threw down.

Here's one tiny excerpt to whet your appetite; you'll have to wait for the book publication of the selected Oppen Lectures to read the rest...


And here are some pictures from the evening:

Brian Teare and Denise Newman and an animated speaker!
Sara Larsen, Alli Warren, and David Brazil
Brazil, Banana, & Cross
Taylor Brady, Lauren Shufran, and Lauren's friend
Erin and Wilda
Bev Dahlen & Kevin Killian

Chris Nagler & myself
Anne & Sitka

Konrad Steiner & Steve Dickison

Lee Azus

Rob (in tie!) & Kevin
Ted Rees & Taylor Brady
Brandon Brown, Rob & The Ghost of Baudelaire

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  1. Rob on Oppen--not to be missed! My hair's still blown back from his talk in Buffalo a few years back! Can't wait for the Selected Lectures...