24 December 2010

Favorite Things: Suzanne Stein

My favorite things of 2010:

Conversations with David Brazil
Conversations with Sara Larsen
Conversations with Brandon Brown
Conversations with Alli Warren
Conversations with Laura Moriarty
Conversations with Erika Staiti
Conversations with Brian Whitener
Conversations with Samantha Giles
Conversations with Steven Farmer
Conversations with Rachel Zolf
Correspondence with David Brazil
Correspondence with Steve Benson
Correspondence with James Wagner
Correspondence with Laura Carter
Cedar Sigo's Facebook Stream
Steve Evans's Facebook Stream
Rebecca Stoddard's Facebook Stream
Bernie Sanders's Senate Floor
Margaret Tedesco's Collection Rotation
The holiday party at Avram & Colleen's
Black coffee in the rooftop pavilion
The beach at Del Mar
Mark di Suvero's Che Faro Senza Eurydice
Kaja Silverman's Flesh of My Flesh
Bay Area Figurative Painting
Bay Area Abstraction
The generosity of Catherine Meng
Jay de Feo's The Veronica
Pina Bausch's Orphee et Eurydice
UbuWeb's audio archive
View from my apartment windows
75 Reasons to Live
Calendar I share with Juliana Spahr
That's just what I can remember this minute sitting here

Happy New Year!


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