24 December 2010

Favorite Things: John Sakkis

1. nascent 'return to blogging' movement

2. Mento music, Rock Steady music

3. El Golpe Chileno by Julian Poirier

4. Written In Blood Vol 1-5 compilation by Nate Ashley

5. letting my Pro Acount expire on Flickr

6. the San Francisco Giants

7. Micah Ballard and Sunnylyn Thibodeaux as brand new parents

8. Cedar Sigo's Stranger In Town, Spirits And Anchors by Jason Morris

9. Chinese Notebook coming out on UDP, Maribor coming out on The Post-Apollo Press

10. GhostCapital

11. traveling to visit friends and read poems in LA, Denver, Boulder, NYC, Miami and Berkeley

12. Ted Berrigan saturation job

13. Cows by Matthew Stokoe as hands down the most disgusting (in a good way) thing i've ever read

14. Zephyrus Image

15. Gavin Bryers' The Sinking Of The Titanic, Nico Muhly's Mothertongue

16. loving old friends and getting closer to new ones

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