09 October 2012

Another Market Fitness Session Tonight!

I've been deeply aggrieved to miss ALL of Chris Nagler's MARKET FITNESS sessions, as they're often during times I teach (as is this one, sadly) or really far away. But if I had the night off, I would surely go, which means if YOU have the night off, YOU should surely go! And I love that this is taking place at Sports Basement—an added bonus! I'm most interested in "the permissibility of selling 'what is not with you'"...

Here's the announcement from Chris:

Dear Friends,

Just a reminder that (today) Tuesday, from 6-7 pm is another MARKET FITNESS session on

Commodities Futures

Which will happen at Sports Basement, 1590 Bryant St. In the Mission District of San Francisco

And if you're planning on going, take the elevator to the 1st floor walk through the bike clothing department to a space called the Grotto

This session has been curated by Glen Helfand in association with the CCA P.E. (Physical Exhibitions) project

Highlights of this upcoming session will include:

- the history of food security, storage, and distribution
- oil prices and energy trading
- debates over the permissibility of selling "what is not with you" in Islamic law
- organized speculation on weather, disaster, and film profits
- the theology of gambling - corners, squeezes, and bear raids
- a refresher on basic derivatives (futures, forwards, options, and swaps)
- the relation between index funds and food riots
- backwardation theory
- cries and hand signals
- contraband footage of the Conoco Phillips oil refinery just north of Vallejo, CA

We would love to see you there.
Christian Nagler, Azin Seraj, and Jesse Meade

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