02 October 2012

"Discrepant Engagements" @ X Poetics

Robin Tremblay-McGaw just posted excerpts from the "Discrepant Engagements" panel from the 1980's conference at Orono. I was very sorry to miss this event, mostly because of this particular panel. Check out the excerpts below and at Robin's blog here:

•Creaking the Word: Epistolary Arrest and Fugitive Run in the work of Nathaniel Mackey by Robin Tremblay-McGaw

•“Where No Meaning Is”: Robert Gl├╝ck’s Jack the Modernist and the Expulsion of Desire by Rob Halpern (in absentia, read by Kevin Killian)

•Rewriting the Epic Hero(ine): Anne Waldman’s Revisioning of the Epic by Erica Kaufman (in absentia, read by Catherine Wagner)

•Poetry and Real Things: Erica Hunt’s Local History by Kathy Lou Schultz

•The Long Poem Which Is Not One: Beverley Dahlen’s A Reading in the Magazines by Kaplan Harris

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