08 October 2012


I finally framed this BEAUTIFUL broadside from one of this year's crucial full-length's, Stacy Doris's Fledge. Without a doubt, one of the most moving books of the year (of the decade, as far as I'm concerned), this broadside, produced by Laura Woltag (and others?), totally does justice to the spirit of the project. And for being Laura's first letterpress project, it's really, really remarkably beautiful! I've tried to make it all the way through Stacy's book, but it's just too fulltoo much. It's the kind of book that I hope I'll be skilled enough to produce in my lifetime—perfectly capturing what poetry should be doing at the moment. I can mostly get through two or three pages at a time, and then I put it back on the shelf to savor it. It makes me swoon. Thanks Laura (and friends) for this fitting tribute, and thanks Nightboat for releasing this masterpiece.

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