29 October 2012


One of my very favorite poets, Rich Owenseditor of Damn the Caesars, one-time member of New Jersey punks Those Unknown, and all-around fantastic human beinghas no less than THREE books out this year, all of which are totally essential (to say the very least)! The first is this killer suite of new poems called Clutch, just out from the ever-mysterious Vigilance Society. I say "out," but it's not super clear how these books are distributed (that is, unless they arrive directly at your doorstep, usually sans return address!). Mine arrived a few months back in the tell-tale unmarked circa 4 x 5 white envelope (with our address nearly illegible on front (despite being typed by hand!)).

I've only posted a few pages above, but you can read the whole thing at Craig Dworkin's Eclipse along with scans of other Vigilance Society books. I'd wager that you could also get a copy from Rich directly by emailing damnthecaesar [at] yahoo [dot] com (if there are still copies knocking about). And if you haven't picked up the Damn the Caesars 2012 yearbook, Crisis Inquiry, you must do so NOW. It's been one of the highlights of my year, no question...

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