04 October 2012

New Yellow Field!

I'm so behind on posting about the many things I've received and loved over the past year (for good reason I guess: new baby, work, etc.) that TWO issues of Edric Mesmer's Yellow Field have come and gone, and I've yet to really dive into either. Yellow Field is one of those crucial regional ecosystems, filling the void (as I've mentioned here before) left by Stacy Szymaszek's Gam, focusing on writing produced specifically in the Great Lakes region. Mixed among this regionalism, however, is all kinds of other cool stuff, like local wunderkind Stephen Novotny's "review" of Mei-mei Berssunbrugge's recent reading at USF, this within spitting-distance of blue-collar Buffalo hero, Mike Basinski (but please don't spit on Mike!).

In the most recent issue, I was surprised and delighted to find a pop-up review of my own The Katechon (lines 101-200) (presumably penned by Mesmer?) featuring the amazing opener "Picture Jonas, yet to be vomited, bolas in the thorny belly of humanity..." I was also super excited to see new work from Pittsburghian Terrance Chiusano, whose work I haven't read since his wonderful Handwritten edition On Generation and Corruption (which, it turns out, is still available at SPD here). I'm not sure that Yellow Field has an official website, but you can become facebook friends if you're into that kind of thing...

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