20 January 2014


*kate greenstreet, young tambling
*kindergarde, ed. dana teen lomax
*elke erb, mountains in berlin
*aase berg, dark matter
*william moor, birds of america
*pierre albert-birot, the first book of grabinoulor
*unica zurn, the man of jasmine
*sara larsen, merry hell
*leslie scalapino and kiki smith, the animal is in the world like water in water
*surrealist women, ed. penelope rosemont
*gozo yoshimasu, osiris, the god of stone
*snorri sturlson, edda
*love songs of chandidas, trans. deben bhattacharya
*lucas rivera, three books (in ms)

*litany in which certain things are crossed out, richard siken

on the reading shelf-
*zastrozzi and st irvyne, percy bysshe shelley
*nadja, andre breton
*memoirs of a spectator, j.m. tasende

*aaron ross
*olof arnalds
*directorsound, i hunt alone
*victor gama’s lecture/performance at mit. watching mit freshmen nerd on how to re-engineer the instruments with spare lab parts.
*josephine foster in denver. the floating. the wind in our hair.
*flying into new york early to see willie play john zorn’s birthday at the met, running into m.volgraff and playing museum, laughing at caesar’s lost ear.
*forgotten metal band at a dive bar with a unicorn.

*nebraska on a warm night of winter in denver, with unicorn commentary. unicorn hometown.
*cory mcabee’s lecture/performance for his new film: the embalmer’s tale. weeping with excitement and then embarrassed for sitting front row.
*the hedgehog, (the ending).

*the isabella gardner museum
*jiri anderle
*the chris burden submarines
*frances alenikoff, the faces on every rock
*henry gerbault

*the east bay poetry summit. how big&holding everything is, sometimes.
*the kindness of brandon downing in every random city we run into each other.
*spending an hour in the mud in the bushes on the outskirts of grey gardens, desperate to find a four leaf clover.
*feet the first time in the atlantic.
*denver’s strangest weather: it is midnight, december 27. i could run with enzo barefoot through the neighborhood and it is only as cold as east bay rain.

cassandra smith is a poet and visual artist, currently living in denver, colorado.

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