09 January 2014

Back in Action (I think!)

Sorry to have disappeared so abruptly, folks. My absence is a direct result of a number of unforeseen contingencies including an emergency roofing job and a longish trip to the east coast (that got longer and longer as Katja, Ezzz and I found ourselves engulfed in a "super storm" or two). That said, I'm back on the grind. Promise.

There'll be plenty to post here in the coming months as I work on a number of new projects in 2014. First up is the annual year-end list of Disinhibitions, which I'll start posting tomorrow if all goes well. If you haven't submitted your list yet, get it in! I'll post them daily over the month of January, as I'm totally obsessed with others' obsessions! In addition, I'll post snippets from the Oppen Lectures in the coming months as I finish the collection for 2014/2015 publication with the National Poetry Foundation (!!) (along with some current research I'm doing on Bob Grenier's "critical" writings at Stanford). Also, tons of new stuff on the horizon from Compline and ON Contemporary Practice, and lots and lots of killer new books and chapbooks in the mail to think about. Finally, I'm scanning all of Robert Kocik's drawings from the Supple Science preorder (hitting the mail soon for those of you waiting!), which Thom Donovan and I expect to make into a little online document we're tentatively calling The Book of Protections. I'll post them here as I clean them up for publication (find the first three above).

Which is all to say, thanks for sticking around. The look and feel of The Disinhibitor might change a bit as I freshen it up for it's fourth year, but the commitment stays the same: sharing news about the incredible work our contemporaries are doing to make the language MEAN. Stay tuned...

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  1. Four years is a feat! Glad to see that you are back to blogging. And props for the roof. You are a man of many talents if ever there was one.