29 January 2014


Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker
Excepter's Presidence
California Noise box set (Troniks records)
Elaine Radigue, Triptych
Makoto Ueda (translator and ed.,) Basho and his Commentators
Pierre Schaeffer's In Search of a Concrete Music (first english translation)
Harold Bloom's Wallace Stevens and the Poems of our Climate
Music from Saharan Cellphones vol. 1
Zukofsky's "A-13," A-22," "A-24"
The Heart Sutra

I also read Gravity's Rainbow again this year. 
ah and forgot Prurient's Through the Window. At first I thought it was a stretch at best and ridiculous at worst, and grew to love it as a dazzling breakthrough for ol' Dom Fernow, whose early Prurient performances I witnessed with anguish in several small Iowa venues in the early 2000s.

Paul Ebenkamp is at AFTER UNDISCLOSED RECIPIENTS, co-curates the Woolsey Heights reading series, is author of SEIZURED IN THE EASE (Mondo Bummer Books), and is co-editor of Modernist Women Poets (co-edited with Robert Hass; forthcoming, Counterpoint Press) and several other works of poetry and criticism. Click here for an increment

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