18 January 2014


this was a year of convergences. friends' writing & friends of
friends' writing (& also associations)…  not all from this year. also,
i've been waiting for my bloody valentine's follow-up to loveless
since seeing them open for dinosaur jr. way back in 1992 (& again in
2008).  mbv is literally the only nonexistent (now extant!) record to
have single-handedly defined my entire listening life. an entire
generation grew up in its absence.
thirteen things, in no special order.
my bloody valentine : mbv
e. tracy grinnell : portrait of a lesser subject
jamie townsend : shade
peter larkin : leaves of field & lessways least scarce among
jean-louis chretien : the wounded word
matthew hall : hyaline
megan kaminski : desiring map
cj martin : unused cover
ossian foley : OF, vol. I
mark lamoureux : 29 cheeseburgers, 39 years
marthe reed : (dis)embodied bliss
norma cole : spinoza in her youth
jh prynne : poems (2nd edition)

David James Miller is a poet, musician, and educator. He is the author of the chapbook Facts & Other Objects (JR Vansant), and his writing may also be found in Otoliths, elimae, Diagram, The Cultural Society, and elsewhere. He writes from New York City, where he lives with his wife and son.

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