25 January 2014



The Act of Killing Joshua Oppenheimer
Indonesian death squad leaders reenact their crimes using their favorite film genres. So, a musical number, a mob interrogation, a Western--and then their nightmares. It is impossible to explain this moviewe see where the crimes were done, we're given a tour, we see them transform it into spectacleabsolutely human.

Born in Flames Lizzie Borden
Feminist sci-fi, post-revolution.

Despair Fassbinder
Lavender, windows, not recognizing self, double-seeing self, not speaking, and, of course, based on an early novel by Nabokov.

Ice Robert Kramer
What was the action? What was the rebellion? What does Kramer think, as he sets the revolutionaries in action, does he too look with compassion and distance, contempt. Envy and contempt. The jump cuts.


A Home in Tibet Tsering Wangmo Dhompa

Pale Fire Nabokov

Fifteen Love Tests Elva Xue
Questions include, "Do you ever wear sexual clothes? The person taking this test must say that they do not wear sexual clothes. I cannot teach about this, because their sexual dress likely is very important to their happiness."

Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel


East Bay Meditation Center

Headlands Center for the Arts

Erin Wilson’s chapbooks include The Ominous, Beautiful Bay: The Newest Ginnie Blake Novel (HmH Services) and Alphabet Garden: A Booklist (Edible Office). She lives in Berkeley, is an Affiliate Artist at the Headlands Center for the Arts and works as a librarian.

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