04 January 2012

Favorite Things 2011: Andrew Rippeon

Music (on repeat):
Alan Lomax’s 1962 Carriacou recordings
Big Freedia
The Dirty Projectors
El Guincho
Man Man
Ornette Coleman (especially Science Fiction, Dancing in Your Head, Skies of America, and Town Hall 1962)
Sleigh Bells
The Stark Reality
Three Trapped Tigers (just what it sounds like)
The Very Best
tUnE-yArDs (just, just just found her—why not sooner!?)

Books (critical)
Friedrich Kittler, Literature, Media, Information Systems ("Around 1880, poetry becomes literature." Ok.)
Iain Anderson, This is Our Music (incredible history/sociology of avant garde jazz in America)
Alex Weheliye, Phonographies

Books (poetry)
Kamau Brathwaite, Elegguas
Bhanu Kapil, Humanimal
Tyrone Williams, The Hero Project of the Century, Howell
Beauty is a Verb

Basquiat (dir. Julian Schnabel)
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child (dir. Tamara Davis)*
*Watched both in one sitting while stitching Vanessa Place’s book. Davis’s film is far, far better than Schanbel’s myth, if only for the studio footage of Basquiat in action. N.b.: J-M B’s estate wouldn’t allow Schnabel to use actual J-M B paintings in the film, so Schnabel painted imitations himself…

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