23 January 2012

Snapshots from Poets Theater

Thanks to everyone who made it happen, especially Samantha Giles, Camille Roy, Sara Wintz, and Lauren Shufran

David Brazil, Michelle Ty, Yedda Morrison and Brandon Brown in Bob Gluck and Jocelyn Saidenberg's play "Precious Princess, or, Pig Speak"
Wendy Kramer in "The Morton Salt Girl Monologue: NaCl and the Meaning of Her Mark"
Stephanie Young, Kelsa Trom, and Ronald Palmer in "Utopia and Other Drugs: Tales of a Pharma-whore, written by Ronald Palmer, Cynthia Sailers, and Stephanie Young
Jocelyn Saidenberg, a volunteer from the audience, Clive Worsely, and Zack Tuck's mom (?!) in Brent Cunningham's "Times Machinery; OR the Stopwatch"
Jack Frost and Brittany Billmeyer-Finn kicking Zack Tuck's ass in his "Idioterne"
Marcello Sousa and Tom Comitta in Ryan B. Funk's "Barber Shop or Butch Realness Meets Real Butchness"
Lindsey Boldt and Steve Orth making out behind David Brazil and Monica Peck in "What She Said" by Rodney Koeneke & George Albon
Laura Woltag, Anne Lesley Selcer, and Megan Breiseth downstage; Lauren Levin, Melissa Mack, Carrie Hunter, stage center; Melissa Peck as judge on right in "Debt Play"
C.S. Giscombe's "Lycanthropes, loup garoux, 28 nov, lean and mean"

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