14 January 2012

Favorite Things 2011: Sara Wintz

2011 totally stream of consciousness!

Paul Thek's show at the Whitney

Cecilia Corrigan and Mac Wellman's reading at Segue

Occupy Wall Street/Oakland

West Coast Port Shutdown!

Going to see the very first showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at midnight at the movie theater in Chelsea with Kaegan Sparks then taking the L train home at 3 in the morning

Staying up until the sun came up in Williamsburg with Matvei, Cori, Macgregor on my birthday

Going to a dance party for the NYU ITP program in Bushwick with Kareem and boogying down

Tricycle racing with Brandon Downing at Poetry Time

Learning to ski in New Hampshire on New Years and then Bolt Busing to read for the first time at the Poetry Project Marathon

Artistic Directors of The Poetry Project reading with Anne Waldman at the podium and lightning crashing behind her

Hanging out with Dodie, Eileen, Thom, Dottie, and Bethany all having drinks at Scratcher

Reading for Kristen Gallagher and Chris Alexander at Segue with Tan Lin!

Sleater-Kinney breaking up: epic sadness

First visiting artist classroom visit, for Evan Rehill's English class at Pratt

Donald Judd, Marcel Dzama shows at David Zwirner

Robert Whitman at Peak Performances @Montclair

Discovering Of Montreal all over again

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