09 January 2012

Favorite Things 2011: Kevin Killian

Dear Michael,

Thanks for this opportunity to look back at 2011. I wanted to do a good job for you so went through my diary from the beginning. Alas, as I finished up with March, I grew tired and had to quit! Thus I've left out many, many wonderful things that I saw and did in the last 9 months of the year. But I hope this will give you an idea of the sort of things I enjoyed most during this past year.

Of all the rest I don't mention here, the most important for me, was the 25th anniversary of me and Dodie's wedding in July 1986. We had a wonderful celebration and I can still say, with all my heart, I'm the luckiest son of a bitch to ever walk this valley. Love from Kevin K.

So here's my list from January through March—sorry it's so partial.

New Year at Steven Wolf Fine Arts and Rumi from the Cockettes singing, Baubles, Bangles and Beads

Meeting Peter Berlin and Travis Jeppesen with George Kuchar

Meeting Mike Kitchell thanks to D-L Alvarez

GB Jones retrospective at Tanz gallery in Los Angeles.

Poets Theater panel at the MLA organized by Patrick Durgin

Hanging out with Fiona Templeton and Kaplan Harris at hotel bar

Alysia Abbott coming by to talk about her dad

Meeting Rebecca Quaytman and talking Spicer with her and Apsara DiQuinzio on stage at SFMOMA.

Belgian artist Kris Martin drew a picture in my book at CCA.

Meeting Scott Treleaven and Paul P at the W Hotel.

Poets Theater festival and the angel costume Matt Gordon made for Dodie.

Rencontre with Lisa Samuels looking younger than ever before.

Reading with Lonely Christopher at City Lights and at Moes.

Katya Bonnenfant's show at Haines Gallery

Paul Graham's lecture at CCA Timken Hall.

Meeting with Gareth Long and with William E Jones one wet weekend in February

The Oscars and cupcakes with little Oscars on them.

Terence Hannum music performance at ATA

"We Were Here" opening at the Castro, crying my eyes out.

Participating in "Big Joy," forthcoming doc about James Broughton

Kobe Leah's drawing for the story "Too Far" from Impossible Princess.
Wilde Boys style salon for visiting NYC based poet Alex Dimitrov

George Kuchar strips off and poses naked for my camera.

Book launch for me and Dodie and our new books at Camerawork, dinner at Fang.

Meeting Robert Pinsky (!!!) at Arion Books and seeing Raymond's Jim Thompson's drawings there.

Participating in Linda Geary's "colors" project

Attending SFMOMA revival of Christopher Maclaine's THE END with Wilder Bentley II in attendance.

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