07 January 2012

Favorite Things 2011: Robert Dewhurst

Paul Thek show at the Whitney

Where Art Belongs by Chris Kraus
Of Lamb by Matthea Harvey and Amy Jean Porter
Humiliation by Wayne Koestenbaum

Jupiter 88 (ed. CAConrad)
The Swan's Rag (ed. Evan Kennedy)
Creep of Light / c_L (ed. James Yeary)
Division Leap (eds. Kate Schaefer and Adam Davis)

Jonathan Richman at Mohawk Place, Buffalo
Xiu Xiu at Mohawk Place, Buffalo

Bernadette Mayer at Karpeles, Buffalo, April Fools' Day

"This is for all the people who have been here all day. You're the ones living artistic lives. Being an artist, who gives a shit. But to live an artistic life means something." -- Penny Arcade on stage during the finale of the St. Mark's marathon, 1/1/11

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