15 January 2012

Favorite Things 2011: Eleni Stecopoulos

Dear Michael, here are just a few favorite things of 2011....random list of what's in memory and attention at this point (caveat: need to catch up on a lot of poetry books.)

Here's to the pleasures of 2012!

New Year's Day Poetry marathon @ St. Mark's

Fireworks in Prospect Park, over snowy banks and under the August moon

Swimming under eucalyptus trees at Golden Bear pool in Berkeley

Claire Denis's film L'Intrus, inspired by Jean-Luc Nancy's essay

Having Peter Trachtenberg as a neighbor in Berkeley for spring, and his generosity in talking with my students about his Book of Calamities and research in Rwanda

Qi Gong at Lake Merritt in Oakland with Margit Galanter

Yunte Huang's Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and His Rendezvous with American History, Yunte in the NYT, the New Yorker, on screen, everywhere...plus Yunte's visits to SF, drinks and high-rise glass elevator rides

Stacy Doris reading and Pindaric dances at Sara Larsen and David Brazil's A Muse Meant series

Movement, Somatics, and Writing Symposium at the University of Michigan, led and gathered by Petra Kuppers - communing, moving, sounding and incubating writing with some of my favorite poets and people

Will Alexander and Maria Damon visit to SF and readings at The Poetry Center

The music (more like cosmological engineering) of Cloud Shepherd (Andrew Joron, Brian Lucas, Joe Noble, Mark Pino) - even more so when joined by the likes of Will Alexander on piano and India Cooke on violin

Handel's Xerxes at SF Opera

Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley

Bhanu Kapil and David Buuck reading at the Condensery

Thom Donovan's The Hole

Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon with Linda Russo

Visiting with David Wolach and Elizabeth Williamson, reading and talking to the wonderful, engaged students of Evergreen State College

Teaching in the Summer Writing program at Naropa, joining for a bit this amazing community Anne Waldman and many others sustain

Laura Mullen's performances at the SWP, including her romance novel sampling parody ("he buried himself within her") and garbage bridal dress

Meeting Melissa Buzzeo

Meeting Tyrone Williams

Meeting George Quasha

Meeting Amy Sara Carroll again after more than 20 years

Talking and learning with super smart younger (mostly) women writers working on the political and somatic, ecopoetics, healing, performance...including Liz Latty, Sarah Heady, Aisha Sasha John, Aurora Prelevic, Kimberly Alidio, Ari Braverman, Kristen Park, and many others, some of them students: thank you

Reading with David Wolach in Philly in the c/c reading series (thanks Jamie Townsend and Nicholas DeBoer!) with great audience including Carlos Soto Román, CA Conrad, Asher Lewis, and more. Add to that: staying up all night at Bard College eating sandwiches and writing an essay on empathy, workers' comp and pain management, Silvia Federici, Kafka, Frans de Waal, Antigone, and red foxes...with David popping into the kitchen to visit and encourage me

Robin Coste Lewis, "Fable" in Encyclopedia Volume 2, F-K: amazing piece of writing I want to read and re-read

Stephen Cope's Conference of the Birds

the full moon

& eclipsed eclipses

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