02 January 2012

Favorite Things 2011: John Sakkis

Here are some things I liked in 2011...


1. By The Fruits You Shall Know The Roots- Various Artists
2. The Caretaker- Selected Memories From The Haunted Ballroom
3. Veljo Tormis- Litany To Thunder
4. Isao Tomita- Snowflakes Are Dancing
5. La Monte Young- Theater Of Eternal Music
6. Scott Walker- Climate Of Hunter
7. Delia Derbyshire- Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop
8. White- White


1. A Toast In The House Of Friends- Akilah Oliver
2. UFOs: Generals, Pilots, And Government Officials Go On The Record- Leslie Kean
3. The Kenneth Rexroth interview in Golden Gate: Interviews With 5 San Francisco Poets- ed. David Meltzer
4. Mimeo Mimeo #5
5. The Poems Of Gaius Valerius Catullus- Brandon Brown
6. House Of Leaves- Mark Z. Danielewski
7. Locas: The Maggie And Hopey Stories- Jamie Hernandez
8. "6 Writers On Eshleman" section from Temblor #6


1. Mosswood Park, Oakland, CA
2. boxing
3. running Lime Ridge Open Space, Concord, CA
4. The Poetry Center at SFSU
5. picnic table beers at Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA
6. my new Bianchi "San Jose" bike
7. making music with friends
8. getting stuff done

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