29 October 2010

Crane Giamo // Delete Press // Fresh to Death Fridays

Fort Collins poet and printer Crane Giamo sent a beautiful package last week, and I've been dying to share it with you, dear readers. I first came across Crane's Delete Press (coedited with Jared Schickling & Brad Vogler) when I got my hands on C.J. Martin's lovely WIW?3: Hold me tight. Make me happy. I was immediately impressed by how Crane and his coeditors thought through the material nature of the book. Delete Press books arrive in elaborate packaging and often feature a number of different printing styles in a single production, including letterpress printing and silk-screening. This is certainly true of the new Delete Press number, Rachel Levitsky's Renoemos (cover reproduced below), which came packaged in an elaborate handmade envelope with an expertly silk-screened cover and letterpressed backboard.

Crane also included a little trifold broadside of his own poem "Human Kinetics," and while you can click on the image to read the poem, I've had to embed it sideways, so I've reproduced it here for easy reading:

this fact called human
kinetics: allayed arose
from place the out of
forsakens: of this real
motion regained: real
cresting threshold it's
flesh in breathed and
forms not stagnant at
which: our falter past
carbon sent scored in
braids: exited to exist 

And since it's Friday and I haven't seen much of Crane's own poetry, I asked him to send on some new work for Notebook Fridays, which I've recently redubbed "Fresh to Death Fridays" for obvious reasons! The poems are a bit difficult to reproduce in blogger's editor, so I've used the Acrobat reader to maintain fidelity to the original. World, meet Crane Giamo (click the corner to enlarge):



  1. thank you!

    who is the illustrator of Renoemos?


  2. Cover design and linocuts were produced by Vanessa Churchill (according to the acknowledgments).

  3. Love the Delete Press books--keep meaning to get to an essay on CJ's book, which I will, at some point, as disaster becomes a bit more impersonal. In any case, really glad you featured Rachel's book, which is gorgeous. I love the tactile quality of the sleeves too... & glad you feature the poems here. All are really astoundingly good. Jared's poems in Critphoria are hot. //dw