04 December 2012


I'm very excited to announce that I'm curating a special event this month featuring two of my favorite poets EVER! On Friday, December 14th, we'll have the great pleasure of welcoming Myung Mi Kim and Craig Dworkin to the Bay Area as they join us for a special pop-up Small Press Traffic reading in Oakland. Myung will be in town to deliver the George Oppen Memorial Lecture for the Poetry Center, and I convinced her to join us for a very rare public reading while she's visiting. Additionally, I promised to make Craig a chapbook if he'd book a ticket from Utah, so we'll have the rare pleasure of seeing these two powerhouses on the same evening under the same roof! Myung will (hopefully) read from her work in progress Civil Bound, and we'll launch Craig's new Compline chapbook The Crystal Text, which I'm printing now for the occasion. This is a MUST SEE event: don't miss it! And bring a few bucks to toss into the hat for SPT! Finally, please spread the word through your preferred channels as you see fit!

The pertinent details:

Craig Dworkin and Myung Mi Kim
A Small Press Traffic Pop-Up
Friday, December 14th // 7:00 pm
@ The Bay Area Public School
2355 Broadway, Oakland